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Medals are awarded to recognise a warrior's achievements and efforts in making the Pyramid experience an enjoyable one for all who have found their way here. The order in which they are awarded follows: Merit, Second Class, First Class, Supreme and Elite. The following exemplify methods in which medals may be earned:
  • Contribution to the site with ideas, challenge creation or implementing new code.
  • Winning a monthly contest
  • Beating either the Geb or Horus challenge
  • Attaining 2500 EPs


EPs stand for Experience Points and indicate your level of board participation. Every time you post a message, you gain one EP. There is a limit on how many EPs you can earn per day, however. This limit ranges from 15 to 30 per day, and is based upon your current EPs (e.g. below 300 EPs, your limit per day is 15).
Intelligent and informative posts stand a chance of being rewarded EPs by Viziers and above. Conversely, spamming or posting unsuitable messages can diminish your EPs. EPs do not apply to C/Os.

+Nix badge+

You see beside your name in the discussion board if you're currently using a Unix-based operating system.

Lvl 10
Lvl 8

Lvl 9

Lvl 5

Lvl 6

Lvl 7

Lvl 1

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Lvl 3

Lvl 4

[ Challenges ]

The Pyramid challenges are primarily based on mathematics, logic and programming skills. The first few challenges test your basic mathematical skills. The higher ones assess your ability to understand program code and abilities at various logical disciplines. Not all of the challenges can be beaten by applying these skills though. Some require creativity and sheer perseverance.
There are currently eleven levels. Defeating a challenge increases your rank and elevates you to the next level. These 11 levels represent the vertical space of the Pyramid. The Geb level forms the apex of the Pyramid.
Plans have already been implemented to design a series of challenges that will form the horizontal space within the apex.

[ Ranks ]

Ranks are gained when you beat a challenge. Higher ranks entitle you to certain privileges within the Pyramid. A C/O (Commanding Officer), for example, is empowered to delete posts on the discussion board.

[ How to play? ]

In order to start playing the challenges, you must first register. The registration process merely identifies you as a member of the Pyramid.


C/O's (Commanding Officers) are selected by SphiNx to administer the lesser duties of the Pyramid. They can be easily distinguished by their unique board colours and are empowered with certain administrative rights. A C/O must currently possess at the minimum a rank of Pharaoh. Currently, the C/Os are:
  • Geb silverknight
  • Geb ToeJam
  • Geb coobb
  • Geb Genius
  • Geb predator
  • Geb mightywhite

+ROTD+ -- +MOTM+

ROTD stands for Riddle of the Day. It was initiated by theinvisible in April 2002 in an effort to inject life into the Pyramid. From its humble beginnings, it has now become accepted as an official game of the Pyramid with a respectable following. The MOTM (Math of the Month) followed later that year to yet instill more user involvement and skills development. Gold winners of ROTD and/or the MOTM are awarded a one-time medal.


These are warriors who have accumulated a certain number of EPs. Their role is to make the discussion board an interesting place to meet people and exchange ideas. There are five levels:
  • Geek ( 2500 )
  • Counsel ( 2000 )
  • Master ( 1500 )
  • Senior ( 1000 )
  • Junior ( 500 )